Showroom, Hong Kong Headoffice

Showroom, Hong Kong Headoffice

Fashion Point Ltd. provides high-quality garments to retailers own labels or international brands and produces any kind of design requested by them. Established in 1990 by Herbert Scharzenberger, Fashion Point located its Head Office with two showrooms in Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong. With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing knitwear and woven goods, a deep understanding of fashion and design and an extensive network of up to 70 factories in the Chinese market, makes Fashion Point a real benefit for their customers.



Fashion Point Ltd. manufactures any kind of apparel, specialized in the two divisions, knitwear and woven garments, including the following:

  • Knitwear: Sweaters of any kind and fine knit like T-Shirts, dresses and anything else required by our customers
  • Woven garments: Blouses and shirts, jackets and coats, trousers, skirts dresses and denim

 Everything we are working on is done with regard to our principles, which states the quality as first priority. Due to our high requirements in quality, we developed a deep understanding in fabrics and yarns, especially in cashmere yarns. For a brief overview, here are some materials we are working with:

  • Cashmere (pure & blend), wool of any kind (pure & blend), cotton (pure & blend), silk (pure & blend), mohair, fur, and any kind of synthetic yarns

We keep up to date with fashion trends and therefore can provide any kind of fabric, yarn, color or style to our customer. That asset makes Fashion Point your ideal sourcing partner for a smooth production process.


Quality Control & Responsibility:

As an Exporter, Fashion Point takes full responsibility for all garments we ship. Therefore we are accompanying the goods all along the production chain to ensure that the quality requirements of our clients will be fulfilled. To control the quality on a high frequency and level, we acquired highly specialized staff in China, which operates interim and final controls of the goods and the factories on a regular basis.



We provide the best service to our customers, however we need to have some conditions to ensure a healthy working environment in our partner factories and a low impact to our environment. To keep these factors, here are some of our frame conditions:

  1. Minimum quantities required:
    1. For knitwear: 300-500 pieces per style - depending on the yarn
    2. For woven goods: 800-1000 pieces per style - depending on the fabric
  2. Fast delivery concept:
    1. Sample lead time: 10-14 days - depending on yarn or fabric availability
    2. Production lead time
      •  For knitwear: 60-100 days - depending on complexity, quantity and timing
      • For woven goods: 30-40 days with available fabric, 60-90 with dyed fabric
  3. Price Range:
    1. We produce and develop in almost any price range with full transparency for our customer to follow the composition of the price.
  4. Payment requirements: 
    • LC at Sight


Where we do it 

All the partner factories of Fashion Point are based in China. We are proud of an extensive network, consisting of up to 70 factories with different specification. The network is build up on a thorough selection process to ensure a high level of quality and a social code of conduct. The location of the head office in Hong Kong provides several benefits in respect of quality control and permanent communication the our suppliers and manufacturers. 

We are already working for more than a decade with Fashion Point. The amazingly high quality and fair prices are the main reason for our long-term relationship, which is based on 100% TRUST.
— German Customer